Friendsgiving Potluck Dinner

Philip and Maria would like to make this a Friendsgiving Potluck Dinner in lieu of gifts.

The theme for dinner will be anything you would bring to a Thanksgiving dinner. Be creative as you would like in the types of foods you might want, from Turkey to Tacos, to Mashed Potatoes, to Mac-N-Cheese to your favorite Casserole. We want to taste it all! But someone better bring Turkey Legs!

Bringrng a drink, like wine coolers or beer as a preference except hard alcohol. Sorry, not allowed there.

If anyone has food allergies or vegan or vegetarian needs, then please bring a meal for yourself marked ”reserved”.

Food in Lieu of Wedding Gifts /Organization of Wedding Food

Please send an email to Philip and Maria at their joint email Please let us know what you will be bringing to the wedding potluck. Please also include an approximate serving size.

Please check out our Gift Registry for ideas for food items for the wedding dinner.
You may pick on the Registry Page at top of page or go HERE to get to it also

Angela Marzuki