Reception Activities

I heard a rumor that there will be a dragon pinata at the wedding.....

It's true. (and there won't be candy inside...but something better....hee hee)

Will there be dancing?

We will clear out part of the floor for dancing after dinner. Show us your best Medieval Moves!

It's the week before Halloween. Is there a costume contest?

Yes, the following is a list of categories that you could win a PRIZE for:

Least recognizable
Best duo or group
Most original
Most timely concept
I’m wearing “that” next year!
What are you supposed to be?
You really wore that!
How long did that take you?
Most technologically advanced
Requiring most explanation
Most likely to get you arrested

Are you really having a Sword fight competition?

How could we not have them at a Renfest Wedding? We will be using safety precautions. No actual horses we will be harmed during the festivities. "Horses" , Weapons and Protection will be provide for both the jousting and sword competition. May the best man or woman win for prizes and glory!

SPECIAL NOTE: NEED VOLUNTEER COMBATANTS - FOR THESE TWO EVENTS SO HIT US UP IN OUR EMAIL at We really do need to have the "Tourney" set up prior to the Wedding and Reception Day! Thanks!
Angela Marzuki